LFA 2016 Election Results

New Hampshire Results

LFA supported eight vulnerable incumbent members of the NH House of Representatives. Each of these candidates received the endorsement and support of LFA in the 2014 election cycle.

Presidential Election years can be challenging for Republicans in NH and this year was no exception. For this reason, we chose eight candidates who represented swing districts. LFA supported these candidates with a targeted direct mail campaign with a message of lower taxes and strengthening the New Hampshire economy.

Of the eight candidates, we had four wins and four losses. Two of the losses have been challenged by recounts. Joe Hannon failed to earn enough votes in his recount to win and Elizabeth Ferreira is down by six votes with a recount scheduled for Tuesday, November 22nd.

Wins Robert Hull Brian Seaworth Carl Seidel Keith Ammon

Losses Tammy Simmons Eric Eastman Joe Hannon Elizabeth Ferreira – Down six votes, recount scheduled for November 22nd .

Maine Results

State Senator Eric Brakey won reelection with 62% of the vote. LFA supported Senator Brakey with a targeted direct mail program. Senator Brakey is a rising star in the Maine GOP and has a bright future fighting for the principles of liberty.

The campaign to legalize marijuana in Maine, the YES ON 1 Campaign, was victorious. The final vote total was 381,060 to 376,658. Because it was so close, there will be statewide recount. YES ON 1 is expected to prevail in the recount.

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Liberty For All Helps Elect the Youngest Republican Woman Rep. In New Hampshire History!



Congratulations to Yvonne Dean-Bailey! She won her special election to the New Hampshire State House on Tuesday. Despite strong fundraising numbers from her opponent and progressive groups, Yvonne was a tireless campaigner and knocked on door after door throughout the district.

Liberty For All Action Fund helped offset the spending gap by strategically making independent expenditures on her behalf. She is now the youngest female representative in New Hampshire history.

She plans to work on increasing transparency around how tax dollars are spent, saying that in the past lawmakers have been “writing blank checks.” As a taxpayer she’s passionate about knowing exactly where those hard earned tax dollars are being spent. “I have no doubt that Yvonne will be a fighter for individual liberty and constitutionally-limited government. We are proud to have played a part in her victory,” said Action Fund executive director Jared Chicoine.

We’ve made gains all around the country and the momentum will continue as we head into 2016.This victory is another win for the liberty movement and Dean-Bailey is another leader who is committed to her pro-business, constitutional conservative stances. Her constituents can expect her to advocate for a limited government approach.

LFA Action Fund continues to grow the federal liberty caucus and to build the bench in down ballot races all across the country. To nominate a candidate for consideration, click here.

Liberty For All Action Fund CONGRATULATES Yvonne Dean-Bailey on New Hampshire State Representative Primary VICTORY

Liberty for All (LFA) Action Fund, which was founded to recruit and elect pro-liberty candidates all around the country, would like to congratulate Yvonne Dean-Bailey on her special election primary victory earlier this month.

Dean-Bailey, who if elected in the general election, will be the youngest Republican woman to serve into the New Hampshire Legislature.

“Ms. Dean-Bailey won by defining herself as a defender of liberty. We are looking forward to helping her in the May 19th general election,” said LFA Executive Director Jared Chicoine.

LFA Action Fund continues to grow the federal liberty caucus and to build the bench in down ballot races all across the country. For more information about the PAC, please visit For more information about the endorsement process, please contact Jared Chicoine at [email protected]

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