Will New Hampshire be the first state in the Northeast to ban compulsory unionism?

At Liberty for All, we believe that freedom of association, as protected by the First Amendment of the constitution, guarantees the right of each American to seek employment without fear of being coerced to pay dues to a union against their wishes.

Right-to-work laws in most cases have the same basic purpose; namely, to prevent companies from firing workers who do not pay union dues and to preserve the liberty of workers. It would save workers – but cost unions – a lot of money. Heritage Foundation calculations using 2010 union financial reports data from the Department of Labor and Office of Labor–Management Standards found that private-sector New Hampshire unions would lose 15 percent of their dues-paying members totaling about $1.9 million a year.

New Hampshire has considered right-to-work legislation each year since 2011. It has never made it into law, either dying in the House, the Senate, or the Governor’s desk. However, the new Governor of New Hampshire, Christopher Sununu, included the right-to-work issue as part of his agenda. This brings hope that New Hampshire may be the twenty-ninth state to pass such legislation.

Right-to-work states are attractive to business investment. Whether a state has such a law is a factor considered by companies looking to relocate or build new plants. Stan Greer of the National Institute for Labor Relations Research said “Once it adopts a right-to-work law, New Hampshire will be the first state in the Northeast to ban compulsory unionism, and will become a magnet ... continue reading »

Rand Paul Wants to End Government Invasion of Privacy

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects Americans from government spying. We are supposed to be safe from “unreasonable searches and seizures” by the government. That means they can’t march into your home and search your property. Only with a warrant–granted by a judge–are they allowed to do so.

But most of us know that our federal government is not obeying this amendment. Federal agencies regularly find ways to circumvent your privacy. If it were up to them, the liberty of all Americans would be trampled underfoot.

One of the biggest problems is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This law is supposed to equip federal agencies to protect America from foreign threats. But one part of the law allows the government to rifle through Americans’ communications–without a warrant. The loophole allows the government to monitor your emails, phone calls, text, etc.–if you communicate with someone overseas.

But Senator Rand Paul, with the help of Ron Wyden, is seeking to close this loophole. It’s about time.

From The Observer:

Liberal Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Tea Party Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) have introduced bipartisan legislation titled the “USA RIGHTS Act” to protect the 4th Amendment rights of all Americans from an overzealous federal government.

Right now, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) allows for an American’s calls, communications and data to be collected by the federal government and stored in a database, if the American is or is thought to be communicating with a person overseas. The bill ... continue reading »

Rep. Massie Wants to Save Social Security. Here’s How.

Is there any end to government taxation and regulation? It seems like, once a person gets their head above water, the federal government finds a way to push them back under.

This is never more felt than in the area of taxation. Millions of Americans have worked hard all their lives. They’ve persevered to support their families, fighting to achieve the American Dream. Through it all they’ve been heavily taxed on their income, purchases, and property. But at least a portion of that tax was going to Social Security, something they were told would be there for them, come retirement.

Yet by the time Americans reach retirement age, they are hit with another injustice. That Social Security check–already far too small–is hit with another tax! This is money they paid into the system over decades. Money that was taxed from their own paychecks. Only now they are being taxed on it again, when they need the money most.

Thankfully, there are lawmakers who understand so many Americans’ pain. Representative Thomas Massie is actually championing a law that will see an end to this terrible tax.

Rep. Thomas Massie says it’s one of the most popular bills he’s ever sponsored: a proposal enticingly named the “Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act” that would end taxes on Social Security income.

Many older Americans are shocked, the Kentucky Republican says, to learn they pay federal income tax twice: once as workers on pay diverted into the Social Security system and again after receiving retirement ... continue reading »