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In the last cycle Liberty For All won all four of its federal races and posted a 90% overall success rate and we couldn't have done it without your support. Smart spending doesn't win races without strong candidates.
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Igor Birman

Candidate (R) for U.S. Congress – CA (7th District)

Igor’s life experiences have led him to serve as an unflinching advocate for freedom and a strong mouthpiece against the surveillance state, police abuse, and government excess. He is running to preserve the American Dream and the bounties of freedom that make it possible...

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Andrew Walter

Candidate (R) for U.S. Congress – AZ (9th District)

A strong leader and next-generation candidate, Andrew recognizes the crushing impact that debt will have on the youngest Americans. He seeks to decrease that debt before our children bear the burden of our mistakes through a flatter and fairer tax code and a balanced budget...

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Jonathan Stickland

Candidate for (R) Texas State Representative (92nd District)

An advocate for freedom and families, Jonathan helped pass House Bill 2268, which was one of the first laws passed in the United States to protect individual emails and electronic privacy...

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David Simpson

Candidate for (R) Texas State Representative (7th District)

David is a firm believer in the sovereignty of Texas as a free and independent state. He believes in the enforcement of the 10th Amendment and works to fight the growing federal government and ensure that...

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Don Huffines

Candidate for (R) Texas State Senate (16th District)

Don is a fierce opponent of Obamacare, governmental overreach, and centralized solutions. He wants to provide Texas families more educational freedom, ensure that our Second Amendment rights are protected...

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Justin Amash

(R) U.S. Congress - MI (3rd District)

One of only a handful of current Republican Congressman to vote “No” on the re-authorization of the Patriot Act, NDAA, and raising the debt ceiling, Justin consistently fights to protect and preserve civil liberties and the core values of individual freedom and limited government...

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Thomas Massie

(R) U.S. House - KY (4th District)

Thomas supports the audit and the abolition of the Federal Reserve. He opposes all tax increases and would fully repeal the Dodd-Frank act. Supporting a non-interventionist foreign policy, he opposes the wars in Iraq and...

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