Words from Our Chairman

I founded Liberty For All to help create a permanent pro-liberty majority and to pave the path for the actualization of pro-liberty policies at all levels of government. Since that time we have won over 85% of our races and our new social-welfare organization continues to work on the education of the electorate and the adoption of pro-liberty legislation.

Far too many groups function as the patron saint of lost causes. We exist to win. Underlying all of our efforts is a commitment to advancing the movement through cost-effective expenditures and the efficient use of technology.

In that vein, we have always been searching for a scalable solution to build the movement. We are proud to announce that we have found it. Focusing on the right races and the right issues was only the first part of the equation. By developing platforms and tools that will help us deploy the message in new ways we can develop force multipliers that will strengthen our advocacy ads and independent expenditures while also empowering activists, candidates, and campaigns all around the country. In the pages that follow we detail our vision to improve the movement’s image and infrastructure.

The progressive left and crony establishment are about to start dumping millions of dollars into state-based infrastructure. We’ve been outspent and beat them before and we’ll do it again – but we need your help to get the next generation of communication technology out to our allies and to ensure that we will be able to continue to back them up as they seek to grow.

-John Ramsey